At my school, a grade three teacher started a book club where we all chose a math book and we read it and meet every three weeks. The book that at least ten of the teachers chose is called “Mathematical mindsets” by Jo Boaler. This is a must read for all math teachers worldwide. By following her principles and reading her strategies, math can become an exciting subject for all students. I have read the book and I have fallen in love with all of her teachings. The number one thing I have spent my time on is dividing my students into math groups. My students spend half of math class in their math groups and the second half working individually on what they just learnt. The four math groups work the following way:

Organizer- this student keeps the group together and focused, making sure no one talks to people outside the group

Resourcer- this person is the only one that can leave the group to collect things that the group needs

Understander- this person makes sure all ideas are explained and that everyone is happy with them. If you don’t understand, you can ask whoever had the idea.

Includer- makes sure everyone’s ideas are listened to; invite others to make suggestions

The goal is to ask your class low floor/high ceiling questions so that everyone has the chance to reach the fullest levels of mathematical understanding.

I suggest all math teachers pick up this book immediately! I cannot wait to sure more from the book in future posts.


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