To make numeracy practice more engaging online, I have added a new segment to our daily routine. This segment supports my student’s alternative goals of counting and/or number identification but is more exciting than just counting. The daily tasks all use items from around the house and allow students to connect numeracy to their daily lives.

Below you can see some of the tasks we have completed. My students require visuals to support their understanding of tasks, so I have made a series of Youtube videos that I show the students before each task. The tasks are straightforward, but you could add to the complexity of the assignment by graphing, comparing, or fractioning the data. We often spend time identifying the numbers as a class and for those able we figure out the biggest and the smallest numbers recorded. These tasks are designed to include all types of dwellings. These tasks are also designed so that they need little parent support.

The tasks:

Count how many steps between your device and the refrigerator and back.

Count how many doors are in your home.

How many shoes can you count in your home?

What number can you find in your home?

Who is the tallest/shortest member in your home?

Have a great time with Math at home!!



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