As a teacher that does not have a home room, open house can be a little different. I try to take the opportunity to chat with parents about the amazing things that their child is going to be doing this year. Often, I teach their children for four or five years so a positive relationship is very important to establish. The challenge that I often have on Open House is that I am only one teacher and I am visited by many of my 350 students’ families. To give waiting families something to do and to encourage shorter conversations with others, I have put up displays for all of the grades from one to five in the areas of dance and music.

In the primary grades, the third part of the music curriculum asks students to identify and begin to reflect upon why people listen and use music in their community. In September, we spent some time sharing our own musical experiences through pictures and written responses and those were displayed for students to shared with their families.


Grade One:


Grade Two: open-house-4-2open-house-4-1

Grade Three: open-house-6-2open-house-6-1

Grade Four and Five: My grade four and five classes have been very busy this September creating and playing the drums and xylophones. I displayed a variety of pictures to help students explain what kinds of things we do in class.


Open House can be a great chance for parents to ask questions, get informed and learn how they can support their child’s success throughout the year.


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