Shopping, shopping, shopping! This week has been all about shopping. I was given the large task of ordering all the furniture/items for my brand-new classroom that will be providing a program for 10 amazing kids with developmental disabilities. As this was my first time setting up this kind of program, I visited multiple classrooms and reached out to many people for advice and suggestions. I also used my new students’ IEPs and transition meetings to guide my purchases, which is a mandatory part of the process. For those of you out there trying to make decisions without my amazing network of colleagues to rely on, below is the list of items that I purchased this week for the upcoming school year:

List of things to buy for new DD class

  1. Printer with colour ink
  2. Laminator
  3. Velcro
  4. Microwave
  5. Fridge
  6. Plates
  7. Cups
  8. Cutlery
  9. 3-seater couch
  10. Bean bag chairs
  11. Glider rocking chair
  12. Carpet
  13. Independent work stations
  14. Shelf for books
  15. Trampoline/active movement in the school?
  16. Bikes
  17. Washer/dryer
  18. Tables
  19. Independent work station desk
  20. Sensory bins
  21. Peg board
  22. Chewlery
  23. Cause and effect toys
  24. Slant board
  25. Writing tool grips
  26. Triangular tools
  27. Multi-sensory materials
  28. Math manipulatives
  29. Calendar
  30. Bob books/Pattern books
  31. Reading A to Z
  32. Site word activities
  33. Number games
  34. Timers
  35. Alphabet books
  36. Playdough
  37. Picture books
  38. Matching activities
  39. Thera-putty
  40. Paint/art materials

This is by no means exhaustive and was designed to meet the needs of my particular students. Also, some of the items will come through referrals by Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists.  But if you were like me last week and had no idea where to start, hopefully, this will give you a staring point! Happy shopping.


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