Happy beginning of a well deserved break to everyone! There are many things to celebrate at a time where things are still looking grim in Ontario. Teachers may have found out their jobs for September and are excited to be heading back to their home school or for some of us, the physical classroom! We can also celebrate being on a week long break from planning, teaching and asking “Can you see my screen?” multiple times in one day.

Today in my class, we came up with some ideas for a fun and safe spring break! I apologize that I am sending them at the end of the day but here’s hoping you can post them on your class website or even just try them with your own family.  Here is the list of some grade seven generated fun spring break ideas:

Outdoor Activities:

  • Walks around the neighbourhood
  • Sports
  • Play with pet outside 
  • Go to the park
  • Bike rides
  • Play on your trampoline
  • Walk to a nearby food place (Times, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen and more!)
  • Trampoline 
  • Practice a sport that you play but may have forgotten about 
  • Bike rides 
  • Visit the park 
  • Go to the skatepark in your area 
  • Do some physical activities outside (if allowed)
  • Ride a skateboard
  • Ride a scooter
  • Walk around the survey
  • Chalk, skip rope


  • Baking 
  • Ask a family member to teach you a new cooking recipe 
  • Draw
  • FaceTime friends
  • Play board games with your family
  • exercise (not fun but something to do
  • Watch movies
  • Watch shows
  • Clean your room/ house
  • do chores
  • online shop
  • Make a routine
  • Make a to do list
  • Video games with friends
  • Indoor sport activities (mini versions of the sport ex: basketball, hockey, etc.)
  • Organize your room (get your summer clothes out)
  • Help siblings clean their rooms 
  • Draw a specific item by the end of Spring Break 
    • Try your best to draw that item and do it well 
  • Visit SORA (online reading app) and try to finish that book by the end of Spring Break
  • Watch TV (but get a screen break)
  • Paint a place you want to be/wish existed
  • Create your own cartoon character and add a back story to it
    • Get clay and you can create it 3D 
  • Give yourself a theme for the day and you can only wear that or shop for things that colour 
  • Create a new toy
  • Make decorations for your room 
  • Play Roblox
  • Make rings, bracelets
  • Bake or cook to try to learn more and get better
  • Learn how to do embroidery
  • Cooking
  • Making slime!
  • Colour
  • Watch a movie with your family/friends/anyone else
  • Play game boards
  • riddles/jokes
  • If not then do those activities inside in a open space (if you have)
  • Try cooking if not then try helping your mom out with cooking
  • Draw anything or paint or do it digitally
  • Maybe make a journal or calendar to organize yourself during the break
  • Try spending time with fam/siblings

These grade seven ideas are from 15 minutes of sharing so imagine what they could have come up with if they were given a full period! I hope you can try these out and focus on some positive activities. I know we all wish we were away on a beach somewhere but this will have to do for now. For me, I will be doing some landscaping in my backyard and going on some walks.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the well deserved break!


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