As the basketball season is coming to a close for certain age groups, it is nice to reflect on all the individuals that help things run so smoothly. Students from the past and present come together to help make things work. My grade nines came to help ref/scorekeep and some grade eights helped to ref as well.

This year rather than coach the grade 4/5/6 team myself, I had asked two grade eight students to do so. They helped to select the players as well as they run each practice and then lead each game. It is amazing to watch them turn into young adults and so great to watch the grade fours, fives and sixes look up to these two coaches. They hang off of every word they say and really appreciated them being there for them. I was so proud to see all that those grade eights offered their players and how they inspired them to play better.

Today I co-ran a soccer tournament in our school board. My players that won last year came out to ref today along with some other old students. It was awesome to see them running things and helping inspire the younger players to referee in the future. I loved the fact that they were willing to give back to their old school as well as come out even when they had all their volunteer hours already. The kids loved seeing the old students and really appreciated them being there.

When I first started teaching, coaching meant so much to me as it still does. But when you let others help out, especially the students, it feels much better knowing that one day, they may the ones in your shoes. They may be the future coaches and isn’t that all part of the main reason we teach, to inspire future leaders? I love that my current students are already the leaders I had hoped they would turn in to.


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