Phonemes, morphemes, and graphemes. Oh my!

It is like a linguistic speech, sound, and readapalooza since the new Language curriculum dropped. To celebrate, I wanted to share something creative for everyone who has ever witnessed the incredible joys of learner language acquisition. 

vowels of education

a – attitude, acceptance, alacrity, artful, acknowledgement, allies, activists, reconciliation,
e – enthusiasm, enjoyment, encompassing, equity, empowerment, reconciliation,
i – independence, inspirational, identity, diversity, inclusion, reconciliation,
o – openness, observation, open-mindedness, opportunity, reconciliation,
u – understanding, unafraid, universal design, bullies, truth
y – rhythm, hybrid, psycho-educational assessments, 

vowel sounds of education

ae- vitae, zonae, nebulae, maestra(o)
ai – aim, wait, mosaic, chairs, prevail
ao – aortas, extraordinary, chaos
au – autism, laud, caution, laughter, plateau
ay – essays, always, relay, crayoned, dismays
ea – theatre, measurement, teamwork, tears
ee – greetings, meetings, burpees, redeemed
ei – reintegrate, eight, eighths, neighbours
eo – video, reorganization, geology, neotypes, people
eu – neuroplasticity, scaleup, takeup, euphoria
ey – obey, eyes, they, convey, beyond, surveys
ia – media, piano, social, biases, dialects, diarchy
ie – friendship, grief, tiers, fierce, defies, belief
io – actions, biology, curious, axions, vision
oa – approaches, broadens, coaxes, coaches
oe – heroes, tiptoe, echoes, poetic, oeuvres
oi – voices, doing, choices, noises, heroic
ou – announcements, curious, souls, yours, ours
oy – joyful, envoys, voyages, deployed, toys
ua – gradual, graduates, equally, nuanced
ue – cues, continue, guesses, valued, issues
ui – acuity, anguish, building, guidance, intuition, equity
uo – mellifluous, quotable, virtuous, virtuosos
uy – buys, wiseguys

eau – beautiful, bureaucracy
iou – audacious, anxious, gracious, curiosity,
uai – quaint, acquaintances, reacquaint,

So much goes on behind the scenes in schools whenever a new curriculum is introduced. With the new Language document fresh off the proverbial presses teachers across the province have been working to familiarize themselves with how to integrate fresh expectations into their instructional milieus. I hope the words shared here will encourage everyone who reads them. 


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