I got an e-mail last night from a friend of mine last which had the subject line “The holiday assembly is this week. Help, I need an idea!” As progress reports were just handed out in the last week or two, preparing for assemblies in December have been put on the back burner for many people. In case you need an idea for this coming week as well, below are some of the songs and features of our December assembly.

The goal of our December assembly is to promote community and have a great celebration before the break. Every student will be involved some way in the assembly either as a member of the whole group sing along or performing with their class.

I have been spending a small part of my music classes over the past couple of weeks getting the students ready for a sing along. Instead of Rudolph or Jingle Bells, I have decided to teach the students two new holiday songs both of which they are loving!! Both of the songs are from a resource produced by Music K-8 which can be downloaded from the internet. The resource is called “All Time Christmas Favorites“ and the two songs which have been very popular are “We Will Jingle” and “Have a Happy, Happy Holiday”. “We will Jingle” plays on the riff made famous by Queen and is going to sound just awesome when a gym load of students are all rocking out together next week! “Have a Happy, Happy Holiday” is a great song if you are trying to be sensitive to all cultural backgrounds and beliefs as it makes no references to any specific holiday. It is light and upbeat and energetic which is perfect for December.

Our holiday assembly is also going to include a great presentation by our Autism Spectrum Disorder Class. They have been practicing the song S A N T A. This song imitates the song B I N G O which removes a letter at a time and replaces them with a clap. Each student in the class is holding one of the letters in Santa and as the letter is replaced with the clap the sign that they are holding is placed on the ground in front of them. Of course, they have Santa hats to wear and believe it or not their therapy dog is going to make an appearance in the performance. Acer, the therapy dog, has a full Santa outfit that he has been waiting to show off.

Another easy to prepare idea is to have a Santa costume relay race. We have rounded up two Santa costumes and we will be inviting some teachers to the front to participate in the race. One teacher for each team will be at the front of the gym and each team will race to get their costume pieces on their person first! We will have each side of the gym cheering for the team on their side. You could easily have some members of your class lead this activity.

Is there anything simple and easy that you are doing with your students this week in an assembly?


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