Is anyone else June tired in March?


The loss of March break has clearly impacted everyone involved in education – students included. The rumours of shut downs coming our way and whisperings of the government cancelling the April break are lurking everywhere I go. The thought of either of these things happening is devastating to me personally for many reasons. 


Though we continue to battle a pandemic everyday while committing ourselves to our students, their families and the community – we are tired. We are here. We are doing our best. We are rocking it. But.. we are tired. 

In response to this, I want to get a conversation going. 

What things are you doing for yourself right now? 

Of course, there are many things we are doing for our students to keep learning exciting as we all feel in desperate need of a break. But what are you doing for you? How are you practicing self-care?

Please feel free to comment on this post as a space to share what you are doing for YOU. If you have not done anything for yourself, this is your reminder! 

Take care everyone, secure your own oxygen mask before helping others. 


“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love” – Brenè Brown


One thought on “June Tired

  1. Thank you Melissa, I have a new term to bandit thanks to you. “June tired!” is so apt right now. Can’t tell you how many days it takes all I have to make it home with some semblance of energy or humanity to share with my loved ones. This calling was never intended to rob us of our lives outside of schools and that’s how it feels many days as we work and wait for things to get better while doing everything we can to stay safe, protect our learners/selves, and continue delivering the best education on the planet. Stay safe. Cheering us all on!

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