Mindful Pause, with or without Technology?

Everywhere I turn I see the effects of our technologically advanced world. Gains have been made in medical research, communication abilities, and advancements toward an easier life?
Some of the effects on individuals are now coming to light. Many people are connected to the internet 24/7. This is causing sleep disturbances, eye issues, addiction behaviours, and other physical ailments.

As a previous mental health professional I look at my present vocation in Education with that type of lens. I have practiced and taught Mindful strategies for many years now. I see the benefits of technology in the curriculum. I also observe the negative effects. I have noticed some educators looking for a researched solution to help calm, focus and ground their students. Some are now turning to all the apps, and internet connections to provide a quick and easily guided mindful activity. I think this may be counter productive to being present and in the moment. We are seeing the effects of this new age world and the fast pace it is changing. As educators we are up to date with the many changes or apprised to avenues in which to guide our charges.

When I guide a group through a mindful experience I eliminate as much technology or other electrical sources as possible. I then guide students into focusing on being present in their own body and mind through the use of many verbal scripts vocalized in a relaxed, quiet voice. These moments of taking a pause are valuable. We live in a busy, stressful society where a pause can assist in a healthy balance to our daily lives.





Updated: October 28, 2018 — 10:32 am

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Kim Cousin

ETFO for 14 years, Mental Health Professional 20 years, Mother of a Child with diabetes, Social Justice Chair for NNTL, Lover of Wilderness, Teacher of Language Arts, Health and Science Grades 5/6, 7/8 and Special Needs

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  1. Laura Bottrell says:

    I totally agree with this! I’ve always felt that showing students “mindfulness videos” on YouTube seemed counterproductive. There are even branded ones now, with television show characters leading guided meditations or breathing exercises. This is just added and unnecessary stimulation when we are asking them to be mindful. While I see the benefit in using these on occasion to engage students in the practice, I just have a hard time agreeing that they are really allowing students to calm their hearts, minds and bodies. When I lead core practice in my classroom, we turn the lights off, find a cozy and quiet place in the room and I use nothing but a quiet tone of voice to guide them when needed. I find this so effective and so important. Those few minutes of complete silence are incredibly valuable to kids, providing a break from the everyday bustle of a classroom and helping them de-escalate from whatever they are currently thinking or feeling. Thanks for posting!

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