We have been trained to watch for concerns of a child’s well being. This didn’t include cyber information. As a responsible teacher I’m drawing the attention of students to current events. During this time of sharing, my students have become more relaxed and open about their after school activities which include gaming for many.

When a child discloses information about their safety we are obligated to report this to children’s services. Write down the facts, call and make a statement, fairly straight forward.

When a child shares information about interactions in Gaming, what do you do? I make a judgement based on what the information is, then I write down the facts are that were shared, then what? I’m really not sure where we go from here. I call the family and have a conversation? I chat with the principal? I provide the student with avenues of help, help lines, internet safety….

This is a new world which effects all of our students. Access to our vulnerable young students is wide open on the internet especially with group gaming and social media. Education is a form of protection. When a child is doing something their family may not agree with, they are reluctant to share concerns and can easily become victims of online abuse. How do we help? Keep open communication lines with students and their family. We all want our children to be safe.


2 thoughts on “Gaming…safely?

  1. It helps that I’m a gamer myself, but I often discuss these topics as part of health & personal safety discussions in my classroom. I give them some very key aspects of internet safety – not voice chatting with strangers, not giving away any personal information, not using your name as part of your username, etc. It’s a bit shocking how few of them know how to be safe online. My grade sixes were inviting total strangers to their private Minecraft server and chatting with them all day!

    I also share articles about internet safety with my students’ parents from time to time, as many of them don’t fully understand what their kids are getting into.

  2. Thanks Shawna! This is helpful and always welcome. I attempt to keep up with the students and technology but find I’m always a few steps behind.

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