I recently gained access to the HWDSB app catalogue on our new teacher iPads. I was able to download up to 175 apps and check out the apps I thought would be very helpful for my students. The one app I discovered that I think helps with recording student progress and behaviours in class is the app called idoceo.This app allows for you to walk around with your iPad and keep track of all student work ethics throughout the day. I have started to use the “happy face” symbols that come in four different colours to note the four levels of achievement. This is so helpful because you do not always have to have your mark book out, you now have a portable mark book with easy to use features.

You can also use the “seating plan” section app that helps you chose students at random rather than calling out random students. This keeps all students on their toes and always ready to answer.

You can always show students how they are doing on this app by calling them over to check their process marks in class. I find that I am always so focused on the end product and do not focus enough on the process of my students. With this app in hand, I feel I will be more readily available to record student efforts.

I am very fortunate to be able to have this extra iPad for my class which makes using technology that more accessible.


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