Walking in the Woods with Kinders

With our weekly walks in the woods, I’m trying to come to terms with having a planned lesson versus just letting my kindergarten students explore the space in their own way. On the one hand, presenting a challenge to them as we enter the forest is a good way to target curriculum expectations and to […]

Wisdom Begins in Wonder

    The end of the Kindergarten day. The students are safely back with their parents, the classroom is a mess and I’m probably covered in some form of art medium, tidying blocks, cleaning paint brushes, organizing toys and most importantly, reflecting – reflecting on the deep thinking, problem solving, exploration and discoveries that my […]

Ontario Student Record Search

Wow, we are already into the second month of this school year and I am not sure I really know my students very well yet. I have a working idea of who they are as students and as people but need to gather more information to help me with my programming. That is where using […]

Meet the teacher night

Tonight was open house at my school and as usual parents wanted to know how their son or daughter were performing. This is always an interesting question to answer because parents want to know about math and language and I want to tell about how they are getting along with others and how polite and […]

Quick intro from a junior team lifer!

I am behind on my posts (quelle surprise) but I am here and eager to share some more thoughts about teaching with you all this year! I am a sixth-year contract teacher with the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. I have been something of a one-trick-pony since starting with my board, as I have always taught […]

Hello, I’m Laura!

My name is Laura Bottrell and I am quite happy to be joining the Heart and Art team for the first time this year. I am an Occasional Teacher in both the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board and the Grand Erie District School Board, certified in the Primary and Junior Divisions. I had the wonderful opportunity […]

Open House as a Music Teacher

As a teacher that does not have a home room, open house can be a little different. I try to take the opportunity to chat with parents about the amazing things that their child is going to be doing this year. Often, I teach their children for four or five years so a positive relationship is very important […]

How to Get Outside

I know I have probably spoken about the wonderful connection my school has with a nearby bird sanctuary, but I thought it might be of use to other educators to know some of the administrative requirements that are in place that make it happen. Depending on the location of your school in relation to that […]

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