How to Get Outside

I know I have probably spoken about the wonderful connection my school has with a nearby bird sanctuary, but I thought it might be of use to other educators to know some of the administrative requirements that are in place that make it happen. Depending on the location of your school in relation to that […]


Hello, My name is Kelly McLaughlin and I am excited to be back blogging for my third year in a row! I am currently working in the Hamilton-Wentworth Elementary District School Board and am an LTO teacher. I am currently teaching grade five, exploring inquiry in all subject areas and am currently working on a […]

Starting The Year With Dance

Welcome to a new year! My name is Tammy Axt and I am a music/drama/dance teacher at a K-5 school in Brampton, Ontario. This is my fifth year teaching music and my first year teaching drama and dance. I am sure that with my new teaching package I will have a lot of learning to […]

The H word

Homework (shudder). It’s like two perfectly decent four letter words have conspired to become super villainous by joining forces. For most students, it’s part of a nightly ritual. I get it. My parents used it as a polygraph test, of sorts when I was younger, by asking the same question after school each day. “Did you do […]

Somethings Old, Somethings New

I am at a new school this year and so I am once again learning new routines of the collective culture of the school community as well as the various cultures of the individual students. We have a big crop of Junior Kindergarten students and a handful of Seniors. So far, it is rolling merrily […]

Games As An Assessment Tool

Children love to play, adults love to play and I love to play. Play is a natural social scenario that starts from the time infants are able to take control of their own body and interact with other humans. Play provides real life learning opportunities that help teach and develop socially appropriate ways of interacting […]

Digging the new digs.

Colleague: SO…how did you end up out in a portable? Me: I volunteered. Colleague: Really? (making a face of disbelief) You volunteered? Me: Yup! I call it the learning bunker or my tarmac chalet.  Did I mention it is air-conditioned and has a dedicated WiFi signal? (trying not to smile too much)   This year’s students […]

Dear Teacher

This is an open letter to all teachers across the world no matter what your role. This past summer I was part of a campaign entitled ‘Project Hero’. Teachers and students from across Canada wrote to teachers in Sierra Leone celebrating the extraordinary courage and resiliency they demonstrated during the Ebola crisis in their country. […]

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