Addressing Equity


The elementary school that I teach at is a K-8 school with approximately 540 students. It has grown over the century with new additions, since its original build in 1923. I have only known the school for the past three years that I have been teaching there. So I consider the school to be diverse […]

You Did It

Mike Beetham

To quote my favourite author Dr. Seuss, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” As the year is rapidly coming to a close it is so easy to reflect on what you did not get accomplished, how you wish you had more time, if only […]

Adaptation and going with the flow


Teaching is a profession that typically attracts people who are caring, nurturing, creative, and curious. Skilled at thinking on their feet, teachers are also an adaptable bunch. And good thing, too, because the changes that pop up in a teacher’s life are numerous and often unpredictable. Here are a few examples of abrupt and significant […]

You Never Know

Mike Beetham

This blog is based on a real life scenario that I was fortunate enough to be a part of both on a personal and professional basis. It truly reminded me just how important our teacher/student relationships are as you never know when your kind word, out of the ordinary effort or simply just being there […]

How do you push forward when you feel like you are failing?

Profile feb 23

So often as educators, we feel like we are just failing. It is a common feeling, especially among new teachers. The term “teacher burnout” is often used to describe the exhaustion, both physically and mentally, that comes from teaching. Teacher burnout is especially common in the first few years of teaching. Teaching in Ontario is […]

Wellness in the Classroom


Wellness is an important focus for our grade 6/7 classroom and is also a hot topic school and board wide. It encompasses so much of what we do and who we are that it can be difficult to create a specific lesson for “wellness.” In The Heart and Art of Teaching and Learning book, it […]

Term 2 For You

Mike Beetham

Report cards are in the final stages, IEP’s being developed, interviews upcoming and we still continue on with our long term academic plans. Term 2 is now underway and it seems that our daily workload has doubled as we try to fit all of the above items in. This is a critical time to also […]

Student Mental Health


With #BellLetsTalk day coming to a close, I thought I would talk a bit about how to address mental health in the classroom and why it is so important. No matter what the grade, it is essential that you model healthy behaviour, and teach strategies to deal with stress and talk to your students about […]

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